Tools For your Online Business Gain Great Success With These Top Tools In 2021

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Without the proper tools you will not succeed in your Internet business ventures.  That’s a guarantee!

A carpenter can’t build a house without a hammer and nails.  It’s just that simple.

If you don’t acquire the proper tools for your Internet marketing business, you’re not going to succeed.  Period.


So, what tools do you need? 

Tool #1 – A Website… You may have heard it before, but until you get your own web site, you will not have very much success with your marketing efforts.


The number one reason you need to get your own web site is so you can brand yourself.  Branding allows you to become known around the Internet.  It gives you a unique personality on the Internet and sets you apart from the millions of others out there.


Another big reason you want a web site of your own is so you can control the content.  When you start to run your blog you want to be able to advertise products on it.  Many of the free blog solutions do not allow you to do any sort of advertising.  There have been many marketers who have lost their blogs on a free blog site due to violation of

3 Steps To Newbie Succes -the advertising policies.  If you own your web site, within the terms of the hosting company, you can control the content on that site.  

I host all of my web sites with.  They provide hosting with 2 Gb of space, for up to 20 domains, unlimited emails, mysql databases, and so much more for a low monthly price.


Tool #2 – An Autoresponder…

“The money is in the list.”  You’ve probably heard it a million times.  If you don’t have an autoresponder, you will not be able to build and maintain a list of any significant size. 

An autoresponder is basically a service that will allow you to email your leads on a scheduled or on-demand basis.  A good autoresponder service will allow you to create a series of emails to start sending your subscribers immediately.  This is useful to create an e-course or to set up a series of emails that will allow you to automatically sell your own or affiliate products over time.  You should also be able to send out a broadcast email on-demand to your list using your autoresponder service.  This will allow you to promote the latest affiliate promotions to your list as they come out. 

The number one reason to use an autoresponder is that it allows you to build a relationship with your subscribers. Developing a relationship is very important in your Internet Marketing efforts.  How many times have you received a promotion for some new product, and waited to see if


you receive the same promotion from a specific marketer you like?  I’ve done that a number of times, if for nothing more than to be loyal to a friend.  I’ve even passed over some incredible bonuses to purchase through the link of a friend!  So, you need an autoresponder in order to build a relationship with your list.  The better the relationship the more sales you’ll make.


Now, before you get upset about the idea of selling to your friends, think of it this way.  If you purchase something from, you’ll receive several offers a week from them.  Buy something from your favorite online clothes store, you’ll start getting more offers to your inbox.

  The point is, when people buy something from you, they expect to be sold something else.  If you don’t try to sell them anything else, they will leave your list and you’re business will go broke. Bottom line, you need to build a relationship with your list, and you make offers to them to make an income.


 Tool #3 – A Product… Now, when I first heard that I had to have a product of my own, my first thought was, “There is no way I can create a product.”  If you’re just starting out, I’m sure you probably feel the same way.


However, last year I discovered a secret, you don’t have to create a product from scratch! There are two types of products that you can use so you don’t have to create your own product.


The first is PLR products.  Private Label Rights or PLR is a product that basically someone else creates from scratch, and sells you the rights to modify it and call it your own.  Up until this product you’re reading right now, all of my products have been modified PLR.  (Shh, don’t tell anyone, I’ve done very well building my list with those products that I didn’t write myself!) 😉


PLR gives you the opportunity to create a unique product without having to come up with it yourself.  However, if used incorrectly you can get yourself into a lot of trouble.  To get access to The Ultimate PLR Article Collection just click here:


You’ll have access to a library of 29,768 Niche Market Articles at your Fingertips!   The other type of product is a product that you can rebrand.  Rebrandable products are created by someone else but they allow you to change the links to their recommended resources to your own affiliate links.  Usually when you purchase the rebranding rights you are given a rebranding package which usually includes a rebranding software that allows you to put your affiliate ids into the product. 

A new type of rebranding is online rebranding where you don’t actually receive a rebranding software, but you put your links into a page online then are allowed to download the product already rebranded. Recently two services have opened up that allow you to rebrand high quality products online.  These services give you the ability to brand products online, then you can download the branded version to give away.


Viral Ebook Explosion allows you to rebrand ebooks that have been created by well known names in Internet Marketing like Liz Tomey, Mike Filsaime, and more- just click here: Viral Ebook Explosion.  Your Free Membership to Viral Ebook Explosion allows  you to rebrand these high quality ebooks online.  It is excellent point-n-click rebranding.   Viral Ebook Explosion

 Another great service is Butterfly Reports.  This service gives you access to hundreds of rebrandable reports in many different niches, not just Internet Marketing.  Again you can rebrand these reports online then give them away to build viral traffic.  Get your free membership to Butterfly Reports here.


 Both types of products, PLR and Branded, give you a product that you can give away without you having to go through the process of creating a product from scratch.

 I said “give away” up above and that is the reason you want a product.  If you can give away a product of value to someone in exchange for their name and email address, that is how you build your list.  Once you build your list, you can then market to that list any time you want.  That is what puts you on the road to success.


To recap, you need 3 tools in order to start your Internet business down the path to success.  1 – A web site so you can control the content.  2 – An autoresponder so you can follow up with your prospects.  3 – A product that you can give away to entice people to join your list.


Now that you have the proper tools to get started, you need to set up a system.  The key to success on the Internet is to have a system in place.  Once you build a system you can then start to build your list and your business.

A system is quite simply a step-by-step process that your prospects will go through.  Some people call it a sales funnel.  The purpose of the system is to turn prospects into leads into customers.  It’s really that simple.

 Lead Capture – What that means is you have to have a web page on which your prospects can enter their name and email address to enter your system.

 There are all types of lead capture pages, sometimes called a squeeze page or an optin page.  However there are 3 elements that make an effective lead capture page.


  1. Headline – You must have a compelling headline that will capture the interest of your prospects and entice them to keep reading.


  1. Offer – This is where your free product comes into play. The product can be an ebook, software, audios, videos or even an email e-course. It just has to be something of value to entice the prospect to give you their information.


  1. Opt-in Form – This is the code that you get from your autoresponder service that allows the prospect to enter their name and email address and submit it in order



That’s all there is too it.  Now you may have been around on the Internet and seen many different types of lead capture pages.  The type of lead capture page you use is dependent in most part on the way it is used.  There are long page lead capture pages where you read through a lot of paragraphs of sales material before the opt-in form.  There are short lead capture pages that are also called splash pages, that will fit in one frame in your browser.  These are short and to the point and have very few words, just a few bullet points and an opt-in form.  There are also pop-up opt-in forms or just an opt-in form used on a website that says, For Updates, Fill In Your Information Here.



Utilize The Opt-In Process – After you have captured the lead, then what?  A mistake that many marketers make is that they don’t utilize the opt-in process to add value to their offer.  What they do is they tend to use the Thank You page that is provided by their autoresponder company that basically says, Thank You For Your Subscription.  That is a waste of real estate that could be used to offer another product or free-to-join membership site that can sometimes lead to sales.


In a double opt-in situation you have two opportunities to make this second offer.  Double opt-in means that after the lead presses the Submit button they are sent an email requesting that they confirm that they wanted to receive your information.  This email has a link that they must click before they will be added to your subscriber list and start receiving your emails.  This process is in place to avoid frivolous SPAM complaints.  Anything other than double opt-in is now frowned upon in the industry.


Here is the best way to utilize double opt-in.  When the lead enters their information and clicks the submit button they are taken to a Thank You page.  On this page you should


have a brief explanation that they will receive an email that they must confirm before they will be added to your list and receive their gifts.  It is helpful to tell them what the subject of the email is and that they should be looking for it in their inbox.  If you stop there, however, you’re wasting space.


The Thank You page is a great place to put an offer for another free product, or a free to join membership site.  It is best to offer a product that is complementary to the one they just requested.


There are two reasons for making this second offer. 1. You are adding more value to the relationship that you are building with this subscriber and they will be more likely to confirm their opt-in. 2. Often times these free gifts have a backend offer that can lead to commissions for you.


The thank you page can look like this.


Continuing the process…  After your subscriber receives the confirmation email, hopefully he or she clicks the link to confirm their request for your information or gifts.  Unfortunately another mistake made by many marketers is to have the confirmation link go directly to the .pdf or .zip file that you were offering.  Instead of going directly to the product, you should take the opportunity to send them to a download page.


The download page is another opportunity for you to give them another shot at the same products on the Thank You page, or offer different products.  You can even make a one-time offer of a product that will compliment the product that they received from you as a


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