September 4, 2020

Online presence

SMBs Ranked Fast On 1st Page Google for SEO and Video, Marketing Strategies For for Local SMBS That Can literally start Getting you Hyper-Targeted Leads in Just 7 Days

Online Presence is Vitally important for the success of Local Small Businesses.

There are a few free Web hosting services This is one I  Recommend that will gladly give you web space to develop your online presence.

If you have no idea how to create a website, there are several website builders allowing you to create a nice-looking page with just a small amount of information regarding your small business, products and services.

There are other options for you if you do not feel comfortable with those tools. Of course, things to consider would be your budget, skills, knowledge, and other Internet resources to determine the performance of every small business online.

However, it will always be beneficial to develop your business web presence if you want to get customers Locally or from every location around the world.


Your Online Presence Opens Many avenues for Success 

Web presence can make small businesses more competitive while, allowing you to understand new trends, discover opportunities and problems that your targeted market is looking for a solution for without wasting time.

A Strong Online Presence will Connect you to your prospects

A small business with a strong Online presence greatly improves your opportunity to connect with several suppliers and customers that otherwise might not be possible in your local area.

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SEO & Website Audit: You need have an online presence audit SEO/Website Audit ran on your business. before you do anything at all... This Information will tell you what need to Improve on or need to start doing it. Things like online Directories (Citations), Local Google Map Pack, Your information needs to be consistent across the web as well Such as your Business Name, Address, and Phone Number (NAP). This is More Important for the SMBs and Local services Business for Local Rankings in Google For SEO

COMPETITION ANALYSIS & AUDIT: Most Marketing, SEO, and Website Agencies offer this service but not many offer it at a no cost service to potential Clients. This is part of my process here at EZlocal Hero and every campaign gets it done.

Why? because we get to see the BIG PICTURE, (imagine seeing the playbook of the opposing football team before the game) We find out the keywords they rank for, how active their social accounts, How much money they spend for paid ads, Backlinks, their average position in Google for SEO it a must have.

Online Presence

Marketing Strategies: Know with that done we can get gather all the information and develop a Marketing Strategy that is going to show results, Instead of just jumping in blind, grasping at straws.

 Doing what the next blog, YouTube or some phone call you got for a guy named Phil in Mississippi, but you know he is in Indiana... lol! Yes, we Have the Basic Model or strategy we follow as a base line, but Every Business is Different, there needs, their goals and the competition.

some people need things that others don’t. So, while the structure is the same it may look very different from the road. but either way we get you there

Keyword Research: Is VERY IMPORTANT and getting it write or getting it wrong can be the difference in pass or Fail. For Instance, if you’re a gamer and you want to do an Amazon Store that's all about video games internationally, you probably would not go for Xbox or PlayStation.

That would be 1,000's of hours of work and the money it would cost for an SEO guy to maybe make it happen for you in 18 months...-Forget About it. Yes, we all want the search results of Google, for SEO to really work for a business there needs to be a lot of research, yup, lots

Marketing Strategies for SMBs

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Marketing Strategies

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online Presence

Online Presence For Roofers

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