September 14, 2020

local search marketing for roofers

Local Search Marketing For Roofers and How Google My Business Can Explode your Business.

When thinking of Local Search Marketing For Roofers you might think of a few things Citations, Social Media, Google Adwords or PPC Campaigns and yes that is true but in this article we will focus on A Tool that is great for Roofing Companies and its Free Google My Business or GMB. 

Google My Business- Tool you can use in your Roofing SEO and marketing campaigns (and Free is Good)

Google My Business or GMB (which used to be known as Google Local and Google Places) and is referred to when talking about local search marketing is the platform that powers Googles Local business listings and that gives your business the opportunity to show up in the Google Local Map Pack.  

This Free tool is  for Local Businesses (usually a brick and mortar Business) which will put your  Roofing Business in front of your local Targeted Market while improving your Online Presence which in return helps you in Your Local search Marketing Campaigns and search Results.

Local Search Marketing for Roofers Gets your Roofing Services Shown in Search Results

Google My Business can also allow your Roofing Business to Show up in several different Search results in different ways such as the “local Pack” “Maps” and knowledge Panel.

 GMB Tool if used to its Full Ability can do wonders for your local Roofing Business. Especially if you are keeping it updated on a regular basis. Such as add pictures, Responding to all reviews, post Articles and “Google stories”

local Search Marketing

What If I Operate My Roofing Business Out of My Home and Don’t Have an Actual Business location?

If your home is in the same Service area where you perform your Roofing services, you will be fine. You just cannot live in Lake city and have your google Maps optimize for Gainesville, Fl.

Even though google still may show your listing in Gainesville Roofing Businesses closest to the search will be given dominance over your listing. which is important when developing your local search marketing campaign.

There are also many Home Based Businesses on listed on GMB as long as your business is local and it  serves that same local market you will qualify to register your business  with Google My Business.

If you are not yet listed in Google maps then, you should be and are missing out on more than just customers and sales.

WE Make you’re your Roofing Company’s GMB listing is Well Optimized

A Well Optimized Google My Business listing can bring your company many more leads with high conversion rates because, most people landing on the GMB listing are searching with ‘Buyer Intent” and are looking for a product or service immediately.

The consumer will say something like Roofing Repair Gainesville Fl, to their phone and Google Maps will be the first thing that person sees and they will click and call the whomever shows first and is easy to get a hold of.

So, it is important your Information is correct and present so that prospect can connect you with ease.

Google Loves a Local Roofing Company that is engaging with its audience, being active and actively using your social media platforms you will be rewarded in the Google Search Results.

so Needless to say that local Search Marketing is well worth the time and effort it takes.

Contact Ezlocal Today and see how we can help you also ask about our other Marketing Strategies for Roofing Companies

Google My Business Listings Are Free Yet Many Still Do Not Use it- Or Use It Correctly…Why

 Even though this Tool Google offers local businesses for Free and downright awesome still a lot of people are not taking advantage of it. Why is that?

Confusion on how to list their business (multiple Locations)

They think its too complicated or Techy

Some think it cost to much even though its free.

Business owners do not have the time

Do not realize how beneficial it can be to help grow their business and build online presence

If this is you or even partly you we are here to help you get your Roofing Business Registered on GMB as well as optimize it so you can reap the full benefits of this great Local Search Marketing Tool for Roofers.

Contact us Today and see what we can do to help you Get Your Roofing Services in The Local Google Map Listings prices starting at just 189.00 Per Month.

Some Business Types we Have Helped: 

Roofing Companies

Plumbing, Hvac


Spray foam Insulation


lawn maintenance




Dog walkers

And many more

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