About EZLocal Hero vision to serve local small businesses as we believe they are the backbone to America. EzLocalHero.com  was founded by Cody Torgerson who is currently residing in the state of Florida with his lovely wife Eva and his son chance after closing the doors to this insulation business in Idaho

he drove his family across the nation to Florida where he and his family now resides. settling in Lake City FL he decided to open his digital marketing agency specialize in local Seo Bing with the vision 2 help local small businesses to gain more traffic leads and Sales well Increasing  websites conversion rates an ROI return on investment just a little about EZLocal Hero  Contact us

Is your local business missing from search engine results? Or your business is not generating enough traffic to boost sales?

As a business owner, if your business is not listed or included in any online business directory, there are chances that potential customers are not seeing your business and you are losing money every day.

If you are like this but desire to expose your local business to many online searchers and potential customers, don’t worry; we are here to help you out.

We will help you list your business to online business directory and ensure your business has presence everywhere potential customers are likely to find you out.

Not only that, we will also list your local business on every online business directories possible.

So if you would like your business to get found easily and stand out of the crowd, why not contact us and let’s help you list your business.

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About EZlocal hero

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about EzLocal Hero we are research driven and Result Focused

A little more about EZLocal Hero owned by Cody spent most his work life in the construction trade Hauling bricks as an hod carrier in the summers, delivering paper on his BMX bike and mowing lawns. After finishing high school cody got an insulation job installing insulation in crawl spaces and attics.

As the years passed, he continued to insulate houses and with further experience and training he was moved on to lead crew, then commercial foreman, to Project manager then to estimate and sales. After cody climbed the ladder to the top he decided it was time that he would start his own insulation business.

And after five years he decided that he would Sale the installation business and pursue Internet marketing and Search engine optimization helping small businesses in their marketing efforts.

The insulation business was taking a lot of time and he wanted to find something else to spend more time with his family and help local businesses at the same time.

Digital Marketing and SEO Solutions Lake City EZLocal Is The

Cheerleader your Small Business Needs, that is what’s it about

Ezlocal hero offers custom marketing strategies that are designed to meet your needs, goals, and yes even your wants. It is our aim to Increase your sales by driving targeted traffic to your website. We strive to communicate your brand, product, and services to your target market clearly while encouraging customer engagement.

To Build Trust and report with both Google the search engine’s and your target audience. So that your business will be able to reach its full potential in our marketing efforts. we offer complete digital marketing services to our clients and every strategy is custom tailored to meet your needs.

Our SEO and Digital marketing team of Lake City will serve you with the best and latest strategies and abilities we will provide you with the highest levels of quality services and professionalism therefore giving you the value for your money. about EZLocal Hero


We know that you are excited to incorporate the strategies you read in the Digital Marketing Tips EBook. That is excellent! That is the main reason why we gave you the book – to ignite your level of interest and to start reaping all those wonderful benefits!

We would like you to think about this question.

What types Digital Marketing Strategies are you currently using?

Do you have a lot of strategies in place? It is good if you have a handful of plans.

Our next question is, have you thought of using different social media platforms to attract potential customers further?

Many business owners would answer, yes we have Facebook! Is Facebook enough?

Did you know that using different social media platforms can increase your customer reach? Yes, it does!

Businesses whether big or small are starting to realize the massive benefits of social media marketing and the growing significance of the competition to stay relevant and be able to attract new customers.

Here are a few information about social media usage –

  • 37% of internet users follow their favorite brands on social media
  • 30% of internet users use social networks to research products

Here are some benefits you can get from social media.

  • It increases your brand awareness
  • You get to learn about your target customers
  • It is an avenue to provide excellent customer service
  • This will also a good way to get feedback from your customers.
  • It improves your Search Engine Rankings.
  • It also improves brand loyalty

These are just a few of the many benefits of using Social Media for your Business. We will partner with you in setting up your Social Media Accounts!

Keep this in mind –

“A successful social media strategy is an endless process, and nothing is set in stone. The best way is to experiment and identify which one will work best for your company.”

Don’t wait for tomorrow to learn more about how you can integrate the use of Social Media to your Business… Contact Us Today!

All the best,


about EZLocal

while owning his Insulation business he realized how difficult Internet marketing was for a small business owner and finding the correct agency or person to help was Next to impossible. Cody spent a lot of money trying to find someone to help Market his insulation business but, with little success. After much frustration he decided to take on the Internet marketing himself and he began to study. He invested his marketing money in educating himself  in the art of Local SEO or (search engine optimization) and digital marketing for small local businesses.

Cody’s effort had paid off as he began to get the results that he tried paying other people to do for him. Cody understands the struggles small business Owners have in figuring out how to promote and market their business while running it at the same time. 

He also understands about the frustrations and the struggle of finding the right person for their business, someone they can trust, and depend on to do what was sold to them during the sales pitch.

about ezlocalhero about ezlocalhero about ezlocalhero about ezlocalhero about ezlocalhero about ezlocalhero

So Cody’s vision became to provide digital marketing services specialize in S EO to local businesses so that they can get more traffic to their website, more leads to their sales team, therefore creating more sales, higher ROI and Profits for their business.

Cody’s Mission is Provide business owners with the desired results within a reasonable amount of time therefore, costing less than a traditional marketing agency and that’s about time.

Matter of fact easy local hero offers a 90-day substantial result guarantee, or they will work your campaign for free until they get those results that is a pretty good guarantee if you ask me.


Our team applies its wide-ranging experience to determining the strategies that will best enable our clients to achieve clear, long-term objectives. We seamlessly merge two key components – economics and information technology. This is the main factor that sets us apart from our competition and allows us to deliver a specialist business consultancy service. Google AdWords For Local Businesses for know that is a enough about EzLocal Hero. 

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